Open up a new city and follow a common vision

We believe that we can create a better world for people. That's why we are on a journey. For us women's empowerment is the way to more love and peace in the world. With the WOMEN'S HUB we support women to come into their power. Our goal is a worldwide movement in which women develop their potential in a strong community.

To support as many women as possible in their personal growth, we work with cooperation partners in different cities - our SISTERS. Through our SISTERS our vision is strengthened even more, and the movement is becoming bigger and bigger. Empowered women create a better world!

We are looking for two

A strong team for a new city


  • a strong team of two and equal partners

  • WOMEN'S HUB connoisseurs (participated at least twice in a WOMEN'S HUB DAY)

  • self-confident and not shy on stage

  • open-minded, changemaker and an inspiration for others

  • open in heart and mind, sensitive, empathetic with women

  • caring hosts with high design and quality standards


  • a deep understanding of the target group

  • a large network or circle of friends

  • a good mixture of business and mindfulness

  • organizational talent and event experience

  • a flair for storytelling and event flow

  • a desire to become an independent cooperation partner of WOMEN'S HUB 


  • to make the world a better place and be part of the WOMEN'S HUB movement

  • to build a strong community

  • to strengthen your personal development and your own brand through the WOMEN'S HUB story

Become a sister

Open up a new WOMEN’S HUB city

Our SISTERS model is based on a cooperation system. We want SISTERS who commit themselves for at least two years. We will provide you with our know-how and the brand components that you need to implement the WOMEN'S HUB DAY. You will participate in our open and welcoming SISTERS Community!

There are two of you, our vision inspires you, and you feel like opening up a new WOMEN'S HUB city? We are looking forward to hearing from you!