Wednesday, December 14th, 8-9.30 pm, zoom

This is Annabel's story of how she finally became who she really is.

She was AMAB (for those unfamiliar to the LGBTQI+ terminology; that does not stand for All Men Are Bastards, but Assigned Male At Birth;)), but is now living life to the fullest as a brilliant, radiant woman.
Although she always had the feeling something was not right, and was bullied for being a nerd, she believed she was living a good life. She went to university, met her wonderful wife, continued doing a PhD, had two lovely children, continued her academic career, and moved to the UK to a nice house. What else do you need as a ‘man’?

In 2017 she and her wife decided it would be best for the whole family to move back to the Netherlands. The children found the right school for them and she could work remotely anyway. Nevertheless, it was during the time between two projects that she finally had a moment of reflection and noticed that she was actually very unhappy. She mentioned this to her wife and together they joked it might be a mid-life crisis and she just needed to buy a sports car. But, as she never liked cars (and still doesn't), it had to be something else...
Looking back at that moment, she now realizes it was the start of an interesting journey through gender space, with a very happy outcome - the journey of 'becoming me'.

During the LOVE SESSION, Annabel will share the ups and downs, a-ha's and oh-no's of her experience, and what helped her to embrace her true self.

BECOMING ME: My journey through gender space


Annabel has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and works for Queen Mary University London as a researcher. Besides her work for the university, she is co-director of a small company that specialises in computer modelling of turbulence and acoustics.

Annabel lives in The Hague with her wife and two children. Annabel enjoys volunteering for several transgender rights organisations. In her spare time, she also enjoys building LEGO, walking and cycling, and attending the many concerts in which the children take part.

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