Wednesday, June 16th, 8-9.30pm, Zoom

Larissa's dad’s last six months on this earth were a journey that taught Larissa to honor death, and through this, what it means to actually live.

When she heard her father's diagnosis, she was overwhelmed with fear. But soon she realized that fear does not prevent death. It prevents life.

In the LOVE SESSION, Larissa will share a new perspective on death, and how much life is behind it if we actively confront ourselves with not only the fear but with death itself. The journey that Larissa and her dad were on was a deeply healing one, and on Larissa's side, a journey the lead her deeper into her heart, her feminine wisdom, and a deep trust in life, and into a father-daughter relationship she could only dream of.


Larissa is passionate about the rise and empowerment of the feminine qualities, regardless of gender, especially in the business and leadership context. She believes that integrated embodied leadership will lead to a more healthy, authentic and aligned way of doing business.

She is the founder and CEO of UNUmondo, a new paradigm language school, where human connection and joy sit in the front row - within the team, communication with clients, and the product itself.

On her path of liberation and expansion into the truth of who she really is, her company was a playground to apply all the inner transformation work into building and running a business fully her way, away from the outdated paradigm.

As a heart centered entrepreneur, building bridges between spirituality & embodiment and sectors focused on the analytical mind and logic, comes very naturally to her, as she embodies both aspects strongly within herself.

She is a passionate guide and coach for women as she sees the power of fully embodied women in leadership positions, leading from their hearts, anchored in their wombs, connected to their pleasure.

Larissa offers different workshops, trainings and coachings on topics varying from feminine and masculine principles at work and beyond, integrated purpose, deep inner liberation from conditionings and beliefs, authentic and intimate relating, death, the power of emotions, embodiment and more for teams and individuals.


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