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      Arjanna van der Plas

      Founder & Sister WOMEN'S HUB ZURICH

      Originally from the Netherlands, Arjanna moved to Zurich in January 2020 after 4 years in San Francisco. 

      Arjanna: “when I arrive in a new city, the first thing I do is look for themes that emerge. In San Francisco, that theme was social inequality, so there I collected 100 stories of homeless people to rehumanize the issue for storiesbehindthefog, soon to be published in a book. The theme that is emerging in Zurich is feminine leadership - bringing feminine values into the workplace and helping women experience their incredible power. I am really excited that I found the WOMEN’S HUB to make my new mission concrete!”

      Arjanna is a jack-of-all-trades. She thrives when she can express her creative spirit, deep care for the wellbeing of mankind and drive to make things happen in a multitude of projects. Her resume can best be described as eclectic. In the past ten years she has been working as a science journalist, data analyst, communications director, academic instructor, yoga teacher and author. She currently divides her time between her coaching business, her young family, and kick-starting the WOMEN’S HUB ZURICH and working on the other ambitious goals that Nele and Arjanna set for themselves to make Zurich the epicenter of feminine spirit in Switzerland.

      Arjannas TEDx Talk

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      Nele Clüver

      Founder & Sister WOMEN'S HUB ZURICH

      Born and raised at the shores of the Baltic Sea in Northern Germany, Nele calls Zurich her home since 2011 after moving to Switzerland for her studies in 2004. 

      Nele: “There is something about the uniqueness of people that I’ve always been fascinated by. After eight years in management consulting I couldn’t shake the feeling that in the current world of work this uniqueness is not honored the way it deserves. I envision a world where people find meaning in what they do, not just a pay-check; that focuses on what is right with people instead of what is wrong with them; a world in which we interact with each other with respect and build genuine relationships. I set out to create safe spaces for women to reflect and explore their inner strength while guiding them on their journey to meaningful work. The WOMEN’S HUB is THE place to create these spaces and a supportive, vibrant community for women to dare sharing and following their vision. I am more than excited to bring this wonderful format to Zurich.” 

      Nele is a consultant by profession, a marketing professional by training and a mentor at heart with a passion for infusing empathy in everything she does and everywhere she goes. After graduating from the University of St. Gallen with a major in marketing and communications, she earned her merits in management consulting. Besides mastering the consulting toolkit, diving deep into the Financial Service industry, and leading the global marketing strategy and operations, Nele got hooked on shaping a new way of working. She is excited to bring her strategic mindset combined with the passion for people and a genuine interest in people's happiness to the WOMEN’S HUB. 

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