Saturday, May 14th, 2022

The second international WOMEN’S HUB DAY in Zurich was quite the roller coaster. We laughed, we hugged, we cried, we danced, we were quiet, we were loud - and we loved it all!

Maybe it was because this was the first WOMEN’S HUB event in Zurich without COVID-restrictions. Maybe it was because all four women on stage, shared bravely from the heart or the inspiration workshop. Maybe it was because of the grounding meditation, maybe it was because the uplifting energizer, maybe it was the great food, the drinks, the sunshine…☀️

Whatever it was, we loved spending the DAY with a room full of real, raw, radiant women, and were reminded of our deeper mission with the WOMEN’S HUB.

We want to create spaces where women can experience how good we can be for each other, when we open our hearts and share our wisdom, so that they can take that experience into their lives and create a wave of love, connection, authenticity and boldness!


Women on stage - Laurence


Soon to be Freelance Consultant (Xoogler)

After years in the corporate world while living all over Europe, Laurence became a working mother and believed that she could do it all: maintain the fast pace at work and match the highest standards of motherhood. She only had to stretch herself a bit more. 

Four years and a second child later, she realized that she had become a shadow of herself. She felt like she was disappointing at home, at work, with her family and friends. Everything had become an enormous to-do list with little energy left to enjoy life.

When the gap between her current self and her true self became too unbearable, she listened closely to her heart, and decided she had to let go of her job at Google, despite all the perks and promising trajectory, and proceed to a full reboot.

Laurence is now starting her own consultancy to support companies around FemTech and Women Rights. In her talk, she will share her journey, and she would love to hear your ideas and potential needs, either around her incubating business or your own journey.

Women on stage - Anna Stado


Founder of 'My Gratitude Challenge', D&I expert

Anna wishes that she knew that being grateful helps you to be resilient earlier in her life. It would have made it easier growing up in a dysfunctional household and dealing with multiple small and big tragedies.

She ultimately stumbled upon gratitude when she was pregnant with her second child during the first lockdowns and she was amazed that such a ‘simple’ act of practicing gratitude daily was so powerful. It helped to overcome negativity and find joy, and it made her more resilient. Just in time, as giving birth didn’t go exactly according to plan…

Since then, she has founded ‘My Gratitude Challenge’ and helped dozens of women to develop their own gratitude practice and a more resilient mindset.

Anna will share how the different challenges she has overcome have made her into the woman she is today and how giving herself the time to ‘play’ sparked her creativity and led her to new opportunities. And of course, how being grateful for what was, what is and what will be, is her new way of living.

Women on stage - Sandy


Love Coach

Sandy is no stranger to love affairs. For years, she was accumulating sentimental failures with men who didn’t want to commit and were cheating on her.

She read tons of self-help books and even tried psychotherapy, but she kept repeating the same patterns.

Until one day, everything changed. By healing herself she found the love of her life, and even made it her mission to help single women to identify what stops them from finding love and transform it so that they can finally find and live a fulfilled love relationship. 

In her talk, Sandy will share her personal journey to heal her heart that motivates her now to be a love coach and to soon create a holistic coaching school.

Women on stage - Polina



Quitting your job after 10 years to go traveling during a pandemic may sound like a bad idea, but it wasn’t for Polina.

In fact, sharing food during her travels gave Polina the idea to start a salad-bar, and upon return she joined an accelerator program to turn her business idea into reality, supported by her friends.

Unfortunately, she recently ran into a financial squeeze, and she took a job in her ‘old’ world, initially feeling terrible about the defeat.

But that’s not the end of her journey, it’s only the beginning. Polina’s talk will make you see that adjusting your plans is simply part of the process - and that talking about your story will help you attract the right people to make your dream happen.

Inspiration Workshop



For many of us, having our photo taken causes us to nitpick and micro manage every detail of our appearance and makes us hyper aware of our “flaws”. We smile our fake smile, and can’t wait for the moment to be over. Often the meanest version of our inner critic shows up once we look at those pictures of ourselves. Where we see the beauty in and of others, we so often only see what is not right with us.

In our inspiration workshop with the gifted photographer Aly Aesch, you will experience the opposite. Through her gentle guidance and game changing tips, you will see yourself in a new way. We will have the chance to discover how it can feel like when we finally allow ourselves to see us the way others see us! And while doing so, you will learn how having your picture taken can be a joyful experience that will make you feel more confident, and help you express your uniqueness to the world.

About Aly Aesch

Aly is an American business & branding photographer and videographer based in Zürich, Switzerland. She has called Switzerland home for 10 years.

It’s Aly’s mission to help women all over Switzerland to show up as their best and most authentic selves online through photography and videography.

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