Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Women on stage - Danna Levy Hoffmann

TRUSTING YOUR GUT - a health coach and her sick kid

Health Coach

It’s safe to say that 2022 wasn’t the easiest year for Danna. While her son was battling with emetophobia and a host of other health issues, she was doing her best to keep her business running, and supporting women in their own health journeys. 

Naturally the imposter syndrome creeped in… How could a previously healthy child of a renowned health coach be struggling with his own health? And why didn’t any of the solutions that had helped so many of her clients didn’t work for her son?

In the midst of despair and exhaustion, Danna found a deep conviction and tremendous willpower to fight for her son’s health, and move beyond the ignorance of the doctors she meets on the journey to her son’s recovery. 

At the WOMEN’S HUB DAY, Danna will talk about what keeps her going, even though there is no light at the end of the tunnel yet, and will share how she cultivates self-love in this time of hardship. 

Women on stage - Sara Mobarhanfard

REDEFINING RESILIENCE IN UNCERTAIN TIMES: How to lead a business while your home country is on fire

Business & Leadership Coach

“What’s happening in Iran is history in the making. Sometimes it feels like watching a Netflix series that is not ending, then suddenly something happens to a friend and I am reminded of the freshness and reality of it,” is what Sara answered when we asked her what it’s like to be an Iranian diaspora in this time of revolution. 

Sara has lived outside Iran for 16 years and felt fully integrated in her life in Switzerland. Her ties to her home country were limited to occasional gatherings and reminiscing nostalgic memories with friends and family. The current events in Iran reminded her of her true identity she had forgotten about. 

She admires how her home country is awakening, and is fearlessly fighting for the right to live an authentic life. But she is painfully aware of the hefty price the brave Iranians pay for their fight for freedom.

Freshly reconnected with her home country, she faces a rollercoaster of emotions, and questions: how do you run a business in a foreign country, when your home country is on fire? What do you put first: your country? Your family? Your business?

In her talk on the WOMEN’S HUB DAY, she will share her story of the daily uncertainty, grief and drama from her home country Iran that she deals with on daily basis as a leader and coach who is trying to run her business as smoothly as possible, while something life-changing is happening in the background.

Women on stage - Lidia Zabala

THE RIPPLE EFFECT: my story of resilience, stress management and self-care

Digital marketing and events manager

On the WOMEN’S HUB stage, Lidia will share a very personal story that gives her an extra dose of motivation to continue building her best life. She'll talk about the importance of finding your own way, the immense power your network can have, and the ripple effect your actions can have on others.

We are honored to have Lidia on our stage on February 4th!

Lidia is a multilingual digital marketing and events manager with over 10 years of professional experience. With a MSc in Health Sciences under her belt, she has pivoted her career into the healthcare sector. 

A global citizen at heart, she has contributed to purpose-driven organizations in New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. She is currently a member of the World Hearing Forum Changemakers working group, is the chairman of the board for AIESEC Alumni Switzerland, co-leads the community engagement team at LEAN IN Switzerland and is a certified #IamRemarkable facilitator and Worldblu freedom-centered leader. 

Women on stage - Agnes Pakozdi

TRYING AND LETTING GO. How I re-started my career in Switzerland

Business Analyst

After many years of studies, certificates, learnings, meetings, detours and redirections in Switzerland, Agnes was so drained that she told her husband ‘we are leaving Switzerland if I don’t find the job that I know I deserve in the coming 6 months.’ 

A few weeks later, she landed the job she had dreamed about.

At the WOMEN’S HUB DAY, Agnes will share a story that many women in Switzerland can relate to, but she will add a surprising twist…

After starting her job in May 2021, Agnes wanted to share what she had learned from her job seeking journey, but she didn’t know how to best do that.

But then, while visiting her favorite church in Rome, the quiet environment and beautiful background music connected her to a place deep within, and gifted her with a clear vision of creating a thriving community of female expat job hunters and their helpers in Switzerland.

She is now at the beginning of a new chapter of her life, stepping out of her comfort zone, while feeling extremely excited and motivated that she will be able to help so many women in the future. 

Inspiration Workshop


Project Manager & trained Dancer

Do you often get stuck in your head, overwhelmed by repeating thoughts that don't serve you? Are you looking for ways to feel more free, inspired and strong?

This dynamic workshop will get you out of your head and into your body, so you can break through old patterns and feel more powerful, more connected to yourself and others, and better able to express yourself.

Don’t worry if you are not a dancer: this workshop is accessible for complete beginners, and also fun for experienced dancers. There is no choreography, and there are no mistakes, just your unique expression through breath, movement, presence and community.

In day-to-day life, Dorota is project manager and client consultant with over 14 years of experience in marketing communication & new technologies. But very few people know that she is also a trained dancer, a certified Modern Dance instructor, and a huge lover of music. At the WOMEN’S HUB DAY, she will share her passion for movement and music in the inspiration workshop.