Saturday, Sept 23rd, 2023

HIGH ON LIFE: Rising Above Self-Imposed Restrictions

Personal Trainer & Primary School Teacher

Vivienne has always been a “taker” in life. Brought up by two loving parents that showed her the world, she learnt early on that there is always another opportunity to grasp - that she can trust her instincts and tackle the consequences of her decisions later. So Vivienne followed her heart from doing an exchange year in the US, getting a dog, to working abroad in Thailand.

Yet, her life didn’t come without some (self-imposed) restrictions and also her career choice to become a school teacher was not love at first sight. She always felt there is more to her and realized that the moments she felt full of life, that she was able to lift those restrictions centered around sports and a healthy lifestyle she started to adopt.

So maybe it came natural, but still was a big step for her to embrace her passion for sports and become a sports coach besides her teaching job. But for Vivienne it is more than “just” a job. She wants to support other women to feel strong and happy in their bodies, create a community where women support each other instead of comparing themselves. Fueled by her own story of lifting her own restrictions and to start living life to the fullest, she wants other women to lift their self-imposed limitations and experience how it can feel like to be “high on life”!

On the WOMEN’S HUB stage, Vivienne will share how her upbringing and life choices made her who she is today and how it gave her this strong sense of purpose following her heart to becoming who she needs to be.


SHINE BRIGHT VISIONARY SOUL: An unconventional journey to awaken the dead zones of the self

Body energy therapist & Creative consultant

“I want to create a healed world, inside and out.” Deep within her, Saghi has always harbored this burning desire. But at the tender age of four, Saghi experienced the horrors of war in Iran, an experience that she now describes as ‘falling into the dead zones of the Self’. Her inner Persian fire, that was meant to manifest her vision, was suffocated.

Her true self became suppressed by layers of depressive episodes, overwhelming numbness, nyctophobia, tension and pain. A persistent auto-immune skin rash was the most visible symptom of her suffering - it was an urgent plea from her body to feel alive again.

Not knowing where all the symptoms were coming from, Saghi intuitively went beyond the boundaries of symptom-oriented medicine. That decision marked the inception of her ten-year deep dive into a holistic healing journey to find lasting inner peace and freedom.

In 2017 her path led her to a profoundly transformative experience at the WOMEN'S HUB DAY. This glimpse of her true self made her realize that she couldn’t pretend anymore. She hit rock bottom and was pushed to the brink, succumbing to burnout. It was at this point that a new door swung open, changing everything for her visionary spirit, and turning her dead zones into the birthplace of her inner light.

On the WOMEN’S HUB stage, Saghi will share how she revitalized the "dead zones" within her body, lighting up the inner fire consistently without burning it out right away and how with that, the genuine journey toward a stress-free embodiment of her Vision truly began.



Executive Coach for Midlife Career Transformations

Claudia De Pasquale's life path has been a pretty intense one. From growing up between two very different cultures, to losing her father at a young age, to burn-out and a challenging perimenopause - it seems like life keeps throwing lemons at her.

Her strong Sicilian roots, which taught her to be suspicious and doubtful of other people, initially served her well in a world where competition and performance take center stage. Claudia embarked on a successful career in private banking, which in hindsight she now knows boosted the worst aspects of her Sicilian heritage.

Her burnout opened up a new world to her - the world of coaching- and for the first time she felt what genuine human connection can feel like. However, it was not without struggle to decide to let go of that world of status and finally embrace her inner calling to stay true to herself by venturing on a a complete career reinvention.

On the WOMEN’S HUB stage, Claudia will share what life taught her about who she is at the core, and about her commitment to showing up even more authentically.


CLAIM YOUR SELF-WORTH: unlock the financial abundance you deserve

Coach, Supervisor and organizational c´onsultant

Imagine a world where every woman recognizes her inherent value and owns her worth in financial, professional and personal sense. In this powerful workshop, led by Dr. Mara Harvey and Heidi Hauer, you will be invited to explore and potentially rewrite your narrative around self-worth, and embrace your worth in every aspect of life.

CLAIM YOUR SELF-WORTH: unlock the financial abundance you deserve

If you struggle with seeing your value and potential, if you have a tendency to put yourself last, if you believe you deserve more, but don’t know how to get it: this workshop might change your life!


Heidi is a leadership & holistic health coach with the mission to unlock the full potential of women of influence so they can lead in a mindful, heart-based way, ultimately making the world a better place. She blends 20 years of leadership and communication expertise in multinational corporations and boutique consultancies with professional coaching training.

On ‘The Heidi Hauer Podcast’ she talks to female entrepreneurs, health practitioners, creative powerhouses, corporate as well as spiritual leaders. Her book ‘The Queendom Within – a guide to rewriting your fairy tale and creating your own happily ever after’ encourages readers to realize their dreams.


Mara is the proud Founder of Financial Parenting World and is CEO of VP Bank Switzerland. She has over 23 years of experience in Wealth Management working with families across the globe to optimize their wealth and successfully transfer wealth across generations.. By coaching parents in their journey to raise financially capable kids, she helps parents avoid common money-mistakes, tackle money-taboos and overcome generational money-trauma. She is also a passionate advocate for sustainability and economic gender equality, and shares about these topics as a public speaker and author of "Women and Risk: Re-writing the Rules" and of a rhymed book series for young children on money and ethics.

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