Tue, Sep 5th, 12.00-13.00 CEST, Zoom

In your head, your message is crystal clear and compelling. But somehow what comes out of your mouth isn’t landing with your audience. What’s going on there?

Often, getting our voice heard, plugging our brilliant idea, or getting budget approval, is not so much about the content of the message. Rather, our success depends on the way we deliver the message. In the multicultural, diverse world that we live in everyday, we need to be mindful of the fact that we all communicate differently and that we have our (sometimes unconscious) preferences on how to be communicated to.

The first step to mastering what sometimes seems like a minefield is to get very aware of our own communication style. How do we communicate? What is the effect on others? And then, the second step is to be more conscious about the communication needs our audience has.

With diversity engrained in her own journey, Sahar has experienced first hand the impact communication has on our ability to win the support and commitment of others and create impact for the projects and messages dear to our heart. In this Lunchtime Love Session, she will share with us a simple first step to understand our own communication style better.

COMMUNICATING ACROSS DIFFERENCES: The overlooked success factor to land your message


Sahar Gasgari-Luu is a motivated, positively minded leader and empathetic intercultural communication specialist. She works as a diversity coach, intercultural trainer, and speaker. She was born in Iran, grew up in Germany, graduated with a dual degree in International Business Administration with focus in Marketing in the United Kingdom. On top she has a coaching degree and is a certified intercultural trainer. She has lived in Switzerland for more than 13 years.

Sahar is the founder and CEO of w!sion. With her diversity coachings, intercultural trainings and speaking services she offers companies sustainable and trustful human resources solutions for their leaders, executives, and international teams. After working with her, employees are more motivated, more efficient and identify themselves with an open and diverse company culture – this will lead to a booster for employees, performance, and the company culture.

She is convinced that employees who feel appreciated, perform best.

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