Tuesday, April 4th, 8-9.30pm CEST, zoom

Have you ever met someone who introduced himself or herself by walking you through their entire CV, possibly even defending their career choices? How did that make you feel?

Right... 😱

What we usually remember from an introduction like that, is the tsunami of information that hit us. In fact, it can be so overwhelming, that we might not even recall what the person actually does for a living, or even their name.

Most of the women that speaker coach Christopher Lübbers works with are inspiringly passionate about their business or project and driven by it - but they aren’t sure how to get that across when introducing themselves at a networking event to make sure their new contacts will also walk away connected to and inspired by their “why”.

So close your eyes and ask yourself this: what will it do for me and my career when I can build genuine connections with nothing but a 1-minute intro of myself and what I do?

In this WOMEN'S HUB love session, Christopher will share his number one technique to help you create memorable moments when introducing yourself.

THE ART OF INTRODUCTIONS: How to introduce yourself in a way that resonates with your audience


Hi I'm Chris,

After seeing how my own public speaking journey enhanced my career, while opening the door to many hidden opportunities, I felt compelled to share what I'd learned. As speaker coach for TEDxLausanne, I saw just how much positive impact a clear message, well told, can have. I am convinced that you already have more of the skills needed to speak up and inspire with confidence and joy than you may realize. I've made it my mission to help you uncover those skills, sharpen your story and confidently inspire the world with your message.

I graduated in 2011 from EHL,I am a certified coach and acquired 10+ years of leadership experience in several prominent hotel chains before founding my company and dedicating 100% of my time to making it simple for female entrepreneurs and changemakers to captivate their audiences with their message.

For many years now, I’ve been working out of Switzerland and am looking forward to working with you in ENGLISH, GERMAN or FRENCH.

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