Wednesday, November 16th, 8-9.30 pm, zoom

“Women invest 29% less than their male counterparts”. Headlines like that are what we all hear and maybe even suspect when we think about money and investing. But what might surprise us more, is that even women who work in the industry are not doing any better. 

That is what Clara experienced, when she was working at a bank. Why are women more hesitant to actively manage their finances? Even in the 21st century, is there still a very traditional division of roles at play here? Or is it the sheer overwhelm of information that puts us in a freeze mode? 

As a financial planner by training, Clara experienced that overwhelm herself. Her goal was no longer "to do something" - meaning winging it - but to have her money under control. And she knows that it does not just take a bit of guidance, structure and simple instructions. It starts with us! It requires a close look at our very own relationship with money and the stories we tell us. And as unique as our stories are, so unique might be our solution to financial planning.  

From her own experience, Clara knows that “money and finances” do not necessarily get us all super excited, few actually know what their finances at retirement will look like and building up wealth sounds like something for the super-rich. That is why Clara is on a mission to help women to gain financial competence and confidence for more financial empowerment and freedom. 

In this Love Session, Clara will share with us the influence of our money mindset, how there is not a one-size-fits-all approach, yet there are simple tips she will share to get us started on defining our own financial goals and creating a solid financial plan. 

MONEY, A LOVE STORY: Transform how you think about your finances


Clara Creitz  has been working in the financial industry for more than 10 years in various positions for insurance companies and private banks. One of her key areas of focus is financial education as I have developed many programs for financial advisors as well as clients. She is a certified financial planner (CFP) and the founder of Finelles. Her goal is to help women to gain financial competence and confidence for more financial empowerment and freedom.

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