Wednesday, June 8th, 8-9.30 pm, zoom

Do you find it challenging to stay afloat in this challenging time? For many of us, the post-pandemic world and all the intense global events, combined with an ever increasing workload lead to mental health issues and a sense of alienation.

So how can we stay focused, energized and efficient, take the right decisions, and enjoy life in the midst of the chaos?

HOLISTIC HEALTH. How to align our whole being to well-being

In this Love Session, Dr. med. Kriti Nanda will teach us how to do that through the lens of holistic health: the alignment of the body, the mind and the deeper dimensions of our being.

Even though the WHO definition of health includes the spiritual aspect, it is still not being given enough attention - not only in a treatment, but also in our daily life. Simply because most of the times we just don't know how to include the spiritual dimension. Having experienced this first hand herself, Kriti is blending in her spiritual training with her spiritual knowledge to offer a holistic approach when it comes to finding back to health and wellbeing.

Using experiences from her work as a doctor, as well as from her personal life, Kriti will show us how we can better harness our personal energy when we incorporate spirituality in its true essence to understand and express ourselves.

By letting go of our conditionings, and the masks we wear to protect ourselves, we can regain our healthy state, transform into the best version of ourselves and bring back the love, care, compassion and empathy that is so needed in our world.


Kriti is a medical doctor with a holistic approach, who offers mental health and stress management, well-being and personal transformation coaching, as well as meditation and yoga.

Besides her practice as a Medical Doctor, she dedicates most of her spare time to volunteering for social and other NGO community projects as well as spreading awareness for mental health.

From a young age, her mix of Indian and Italian heritage gave her the opportunity to fully experience, explore and appreciate both cultural aspects of life. While the Western culture prepared her mentally for today’s world, Indian culture helped her stay grounded, internally connected and supported her to evolve into the person she is today.

She believes that all we need today is hidden within us - but we often don’t know how to access it. The transformation tools she has learned from her mentor Maitreya Dadashreeji, practiced and is sharing today, have been developed specifically for the current time and have been scientifically validated.

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