Tue, Oct 31st 2023, 8-9.30pm CEST, Zoom

In an ideal world, we would all stay calm under pressure, tirelessly help colleagues resolve conflicts, and elegantly give and receive feedback on a daily basis. Yet most of us at best manage to pretend to be calm under stress, avoid conflicts like the plague and freeze when someone even mentions the word ‘feedback’. So how can we move a small step closer to that ideal world? The magic words are ‘emotional intelligence’, and in our Love Session on October 31st, Laura Aldape, PhD. will share why she is so fascinated by this topic, and present three practical models for recognizing and managing emotions. Join us for an insightful session, where we explore how to unlock the full potential of your emotional intelligence skills at work!.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AT WORK: Embrace emotions, increase your impact


Laura is the Director People Leader R&D at Sonova Group, and a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach who is passionate about helping people reach their full potential by developing their emotional intelligence skills. Her approach is rooted in her Ph.D. research in behavioural economics, which shows that soft skills such as listening, empathy, and problem-solving (among others), can provide people with a competitive advantage in life and the workplace. As an experienced coach, in-house trainer, writer and keynote speaker (in both English and Spanish), Laura is committed to sharing her techniques on how to unblock outdated ‘mental models’ by enhancing EI skills.

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