Love Session 32, Wednesday, November 18th 2020, 8pm CEST, Zoom


Many of us believe that our experience is determined by external circumstances. As a result we are often falling into the 'I will be happy when...' trap, believing that we will be happy when we have found our purpose, the ideal partner, a successful career, and we feel like victims of our circumstances.

If you have done any self development work, you are likely to already know that.

However, you probably also believe that you need to work on yourself in order to find inner peace, enter into a fulfilling relationship and unlock more of your potential.

Palma is here to give us a mind-boggling perspective: what if you were already whole and there was nothing you needed to fix or do?

In this LOVE session, we will explore the fundamental psychological dynamics between sin and virtue and why personal development is relevant to leadership at this point in time.


Palma works at the intersection of high performance and peak wellbeing. She advises organizations and individuals on successfully navigating the space of not knowing.

Palma is a sought-after mindful leadership advisor, transformational coach, mindfulness teacher and public speaker. Her work is based on the assumption that you are already whole and that we are all one. Palma's global clients include CEOs, founders, philanthropists, start-ups, universities and multinationals like CNN, Facebook and PWC. She also supports many clients who have been diagnosed with life threatening illnesses or burnout.

Palma strongly believes in giving back and has been supporting a number of impact accelerators on a pro bono basis. Her volunteering work with the mental health charity Mind and St Joseph's hospice gives her a unique perspective on living life right now with purpose and meaning.

As the host of the Explorer´´ Mind Podcast, she has deep conscious conversations with people who have gone into uncharted territory and achieved impossible dreams. Palma´s first book The Authority Guide To Mindful Leadership offers simple evidence-based techniques to manage yourself and others and effect positive change during times of uncertainty.

Palma's meditations are featured on two of the most popular meditation apps Muse and Insight Timer. Her work has been featured in publications like the Guardian and the Sunday Times Style.

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