Tue, July 4th 2023, 8-9.30pm CEST, Zoom

How often do you experience guilt-free, shame-free pleasure in your day-to-day life? The harsh reality is that most of us have to answer this question with ‘rarely’.

But not Sam Allen, author of the book “The Wild Feminine Spirit”. For her, pleasure is the centerpiece of her everyday life, and has been a vehicle to becoming a more expressed, joyful and empowered woman. Embracing pleasure in her life allowed her to heal grief and anxiety and boosted her creativity to a whole new level. And she wants more women to have the same experience!

In this WOMEN'S HUB Love Session, Sam will share how a mysterious encounter invited her to take giant leaps on that eternal human journey towards greater authenticity, self-love and heightened bliss, explore with us what pleasure is (hint: it’s not just about 💦) and offer ideas for ways to experience more pleasure in your day-to-day life.

PERMISSION FOR PLEASURE: embracing the joy within


Sam is a Creative Leadership Coach, Tantric Practitioner and author of the book “The Wild Feminine Spirit”. She specialises in helping women to experience more pleasure, joy and satisfaction in their lives.

A self-confessed Crazy Cat and former International School Teacher, Sam lives in Dornach near to Basel with her partner Andy and their three cats. Her core values are: Courage, Authenticity, Freedom, Loyalty, Creativity and Humanity and her life purpose is "Speak Truth with Love."

Throughout her career Sam has empowered individuals to write books, make life-affirming career changes, overcome anxiety and to take giant leaps towards heightened self-realisation, increased authentic leadership presence and spiritual growth.

A blogger and a jogger, Sam lives and breathes her own creativity and in turn inspires others to do the same. She has been writing poetry in nature on a daily basis ever since losing her incredible father to pancreatic cancer back in 2015. 

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