In this session, Professor Ursula Keller will share her experiences as a women pioneer in the academic world. She will share her vision for creating a university where women can thrive, talk about how she overcame huge obstacles in this traditionally male-dominated environment and tell us how she is using her experience to pave the path for the next generation.

You will leave the session with concrete ideas for how to make your organization more women-friendly, and the strength to bring your ideas into action!   


Ursula Keller has been a full physics professor at ETH Zurich since 1997 with a speciality in ultrafast laser technology. In 1993, she became the first female associate physics professor at ETH.

She is also, among many other roles, the Founding President ETH Women Professors Forum, a platform where women exchange knowledge, encourage young women to pursue a career in science or engineering and support related Swiss initiatives in favor of equal opportunities among the sexes. 

Ursula: “I believe that when men and women both pursue their careers, this means that both can live out their individual dreams. Both can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest and receive recognition for it. This brings joy - and we need it! 

More about: https://ulp.ethz.ch/people/kursula.html I https://eth-wpf.ch/ I http://ursula-keller.fdp-zh.ch/ursula-keller I https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ursula_Keller

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