Thursday, August 25, 8-9.30 pm, zoom

Valentina Coco always wanted to fit in. Yet somehow she felt even before knowing it, that the way her brain worked, and how her thoughts and actions came together, was not what most people considered normal.

In the workplace she did her best to fit in, hide her real emotions and mask her actions to be accepted. The stress of not being true to herself, and the thoughts of all the problems being just in her head drove her to burn out. Twice.

It was only when she learned about being neurodivergent, understood what it meant and accepted it, that she was able to let go of her anxiety.

She now sees what advantages being neurodivergent has brought to her, and understands how she could have better dealt in the workplace if she had known how to talk about this.

In this LOVE session, Valentina will share her journey, and how we can all be more aware to make our colleagues, friends and family feel accepted and valued, in any situation.

OUT OF THE NORM. Proudly neurodivergent 

Valentina Coco is the founder of Coco Consulting. She is also a public speaker and purpose-driven leader with 15 years of experience covering all aspects of strategy and communication in several multinational companies.

Her passion for development and equal opportunities drove her to start Feminin Pluriel Zurich, and to share her own journey as a neurodivergent woman on online and offline stages

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